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Swiss roll equipment

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Swiss roll production line

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Product details

Swiss roll and sandwich cake is the high-end product of baking cakes. After baking, the product can be paint with cream or jam, then be formed by rolling into swiss roll, or cut into pieces as sandwich cake. If supported by chocolate painting equipment, the line can also product orion cake.

Our production line went into operation successfully in many factories, providing supported electric oven and gas oven. It has the following technical characters:

1. Matched two types of forming machine, it can product swiss roll and sandwich cake. Matched two types of cream painting machine, it can change taste conveniently.

2. The material of steel oven is 1000mm steel imported from Sandvik AB. As long as 30m, the line can reach the production of 600kg per hour with 7min to bake.

3. Heating methods include electricity and gas, for the sake of control product cost.